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Episode 15 - Gettin' Funkay (Download)

Nelson, Hakubi, and newcomer Doug Rowell clean up after last episode's Issue 13 preview.

AIR DATE: September 22, 2008
Length: 62:10
Bio of the Week: Borg King
Buffer Music: Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive, Rick James - Superfreak

Episode 14 - Technical Issues? In MY Jerk Radio? (Download)

In which Adam Nelson discovers that the gremlins found his headset at the last minute and valiantly presses on. Trace Evans, Oniko Hakubi, and newcomers Doug and Swirly look on in horror. There's some talk about America's Got Jerks, the Paragon Marathon, and the downfall of the Sushi Schoolgirl Squad. WARNING: Content may include potentially offensive statements that might be construed as racist. We're really not, we're just trying to make a point.

AIR DATE: July 22nd, 2008
Length: 88:41
Bio of the Week: Fallk
Buffer Music: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Crawling - Linkin Park (FOR VERY GOOD REASON, BELIEVE ME)

Episode 13, Part 1 - The Party, Part 1 (Download)

In which Adam Nelson and Oniko Hakubi attend a server-wide party and attempt to comment on it live, all while trying to keep their sanity amidst hordes of roleplayers.

AIR DATE: July 9th, 2008
Length: 54:36
Buffer Music: Queen - Don't Stop Me Now

Episode 13, Part 2 - The Party, Part 2 (Download)

In which Adam Nelson and Oniko Hakubi witness the spastic warfare of PvP Arena rumbles.

AIR DATE: July 12th, 2008
Length: 105:52
Buffer Music: Andrew W. K. - Party Hard
Battle Music: Tanker/Controller - Pokemon Title Theme
Tanker Take 2 - Smashing Song of Praise from Mother 3
Scrapper/Defender - Yell Dead Cell from Metal Gear Solid 2
Hakubi Vs. Knightward - Golden Sun: The Lost Age - Battle Theme/Boss Battle
Blaster - Corneria from Starfox

Episode 13, Part 3 - The Party, Finale (Download)

In which the roleplaying party wraps up, and Adam Nelson forces the usual gang of four to reflect on a wild "season" of thirteen episodes.

AIR DATE: July 12th, 2008
Length: 73:33
Bio of the Week: Leon Felinus
Bio of the SEASON: Tune in and find out!
Buffer Music: Theme music for Tic Tac Dough, The Cat Attached to the Rust from Guilty Gear Isuka, maybe some Spanish Flea

Episode 12 - The Bio Episode (Download)

In which we cover a little whining on the boards, and then progress full-on into reading a bunch of bad bios that haven't made that precious "Bio of the Week" cut.

AIR DATE: July 2nd, 2008
Length: 78:41
Bio of the Week: WAY too damn many. Seriously.
Buffer Music: The Who - Who Are You

Episode 11 - Character Concepts, Part 2 (Download)

Risking life and limb to break into the Jerk Radio studios after hours, O. Hakubi continues his discussion of often-seen character types in City of Heroes and City of Villains.

AIR DATE: June 23rd, 2008
Length: 27:59
Buffer Music: Freddie Mercury - Mr. Bad Guy

Episode 10-X - Clotheshanger of Podcast Editing +3 (Download)

BONUS CONTENT! In which we drag out all the dregs of recordings that never made it to light due to crappy connection issues, and throw together the humorous garbled bits for your clip-show listening pleasure.

AIR DATE: June 8th, 2008
Length: 64:32
Bio of the Week: Stephanie Jenova
Buffer Music: O Fortuna by Carl Orff, J-E-N-O-V-A by Nobuo Uematsu, Victory Fanfare (FF7) by Nobuo Uematsu, Intermission from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Episode 10 - He is Jerk Radio, Cinnabonian (Download)

In which we talk about Issue 12's new stuff, such Cima-Cimmer-Cimerra-...Rome, along with the new epic archetypes villains can experience (crab jokes aside). Plus, the Bio of the Week, a special Challenge Mode, and no awkward lag-induced connection issues!

AIR DATE: June 7th, 2008
Length: 71:49
Bio of the Week: Sione
Challenge Mode: Gigantic Moe
Buffer Music: Conan the Adventurer, O Fortunata by Carl Orff

Episode 09 - Let's Do Lunch (Download)

In which Adam Nelson takes a field trip to San Francisco to visit the CEO of Earth, Scott Sharkey. They are joined by Victor Nuti and his girlfriend Jenna, friends of Adam. From there, the conversation ceases to be about City of Heroes, and becomes something even more awesome.

AIR DATE: May 24th, 2008
Length: 29:10
Bio of the Week: EMPEROR HELL
Buffer Music: The Retronauts Theme Song from, The Moon from Ducktales (NES), Wily 1 from Megaman 2 (NES)

Episode 08 - What's the Big (Character) Idea? (Download)

While the normal Jerk Radio crew is busy being kidnapped by ninjas, O. Hakubi steps in to talk about the more common character ideas in Paragon City.

AIR DATE: March 30th, 2008
Length: 23:08
Buffer Music: KMFDM - Superhero

Episode 07 - Treachery Most Foul (Download)

In which Adam, Oniko Hakubi, and Dr. Rob give a solid, stern warning to Cryptic regarding Champions Online: "Don't Fuck This Up".

AIR DATE: February 23rd, 2008
Length: 66:41
Bio of the Week: Robomedic RX-something
Buffer Music: Mindless Self Indulgence - Brooklyn Hype
Segment Music: Symphonies and Fanfares For the King's Supper

Episode 06-X - Brokeback Mountaincore (Download)

EPISODE 6 BONUS CONTENT!! In which vocal virtuoso Trace Evans tells the story of a squad of superheroes that attempt to topple a corporate empire...and fail miserably.

AIR DATE: February 17th, 2008
Length: 12:01

Episode 06 - Love Is In the Air...NOT! (Download)

In which we make fun of Manticore, Positron, Lord Recluse, and others. Basically, we leave the player created travesties alone and set our sights on the iconic stuff.

AIR DATE: February 16th, 2008
Length: 67:08
Buffer Music: Katamari On the Rocks from the Katamari Damacy soundtrack

Episode 05 - Pastimes (Download)

In which we stall for time and pretend we have some sort of schedule.

AIR DATE: February 3rd, 2008
Length: 44:41
Bumper Music: ::CLASSIFIED::

Episode 04 - No Baww in the House (Download)

In which we insult our audience, complain, and drop The Bomb about what really happened to Ireland Love.

AIR DATE: January 26th, 2008
Length: 120:36
Bio of the Week: Black Eagel
Challenge Mode: Critical?
Bumper Music: "Shut Up And Row" by East River Pipe
Segment Music: "Sabre Dance" by Aram Khachaturian and the Masterpiece Theatre theme from Jean-Joseph Mouret's "Symphonies and Fanfares for the King's Supper"
Drama Music: "In Excelsis" by Angra and various clips graciously stolen from System Shock 2 and The Thing.

Episode 03 - Memory Lane (Download)

In which we completely ignore any perceived discontinuity and give a very special retrospective of 2007.

AIR DATE: January 19th, 2008
Length: 96:21
Bio of the Week: Sue Permilf
Bumper Music: "The Memory Remains" by Metallica
Segment Music: The Masterpiece Theatre theme from Jean-Joseph Mouret's "Symphonies and Fanfares for the King's Supper"

Episode 02 - Ramblin' Men, Part Uno (Download)

With a dearth of content, various technical mishaps, and two hosts kidnapped by space nazis, will Jerk Radio still be consistently entertaining? Of course!

AIR DATE: December 11th, 2007
Length: 38:25
Bumper Music: "Ramblin' Man" by the Allman Brothers Band

Episode 01 - Issue 11: Post-launch Wankery (Download)

In which we discuss the merits of knives, skiing, and severed limbs.

AIR DATE: December 4th, 2007
Length: 67:23
Bio of the Week: Destined Furry
Bumper Music: "Can't Always Get What You Want" by the Rolling Stones
Segment Music: "Still Alive" by Jonathan Coulton (, "In Excelsis" by Angra, and the Masterpiece Theatre theme from Jean-Joseph Mouret's "Symphonies and Fanfares for the King's Supper."

Episode 00 - Issue 11: Pre-launch Wankery (Download)

Discussion regarding Issue 11, the new powersets and content, and how awesome the Jerks are.

AIR DATE: November 27th, 2007
Length: 126:44
Bumper Music: "Mandelbrot Set" by the great and mighty Jonathan Coulton (