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Episode 19 - Tone-Deaf, Evil Fiends (Download here!)

The Jerk Radio second-string cast comes together for a rousing discussion about Issue 13, which is FINALLY out. So we can stop talking about it! Yaaay! Also: Chrono Trigger!

AIR DATE: December 07, 2008
Length: 63:20
Bio of the Week: Old Man Bob
Buffer Music: Chrono Trigger - Title Theme, Battle 1, Gato's Theme, Futurama - Title Theme

Episode 19-X - Double Cross (Download here!)

EPISODE 19 BONUS CONTENT!! Adam Nelson helps a new cast member, Victor Nuti, set up Skype, and the conversation immediately skews toward video games, specifically Chrono Trigger!

AIR DATE: December 12, 2008
Length: 22:16
Buffer Music: Chrono Cross - Home World Map, Chrono Trigger - Ayla's Theme Arranged Version, Chrono Trigger - Crono's Theme Arranged Version (both from the Chrono Trigger '99 soundtrack)


Episode 18 - In the Darkness of Shadow Moses (Download)

Jerk Radio turns one year old! Huzzahs are in order! The usual gang gets together to completely forget about our birthday until the last minute! There's also some stuff about Issue 13 on Test, so those of you who still listen to us for the CoX content should be happy, right? Right

AIR DATE: November 24, 2008
Length: 99:27
Bio of the Week: Mistress Miang
Buffer Music: Snake Eater, Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance, Xenogears - Knight of Fire

Episode 17 - Delicious Brains (Download)

Jerk Radio gets ultra-spooky! And not like the traditional sense! Adam, OHak, and Trace babble a little bit about the Halloween event, then things go way off the beaten path and we talk about other video games and game shows(?).

AIR DATE: October 31, 2008
Length: 60:58
Bio of the Week: Oedius Rex
Buffer Music: Jonathan Coulton - Re: Your Brains, Michael Jackson - Thriller, Earthbound - Happy Happy Village, Tic Tac Dough Theme

Episode 16 - Doug's Not-Quite-Solo Edition (Download)

Thought we were done with Issue 13 previews? NO! Nelson and Rowell talk about the new Issue 13, bereft of Mission Architects. B-Side: Doug waxes on about his first Statesman Task Force EVER

AIR DATE: September 30, 2008
Length: 68:41
Buffer Music: Mega Man 2 Soundtrack, Styx - Mr. Roboto